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October 2, 2011

 I’m calling for the  public’s help.  Unfortunately, I have never received any help from law authorities, the media, nor the public in my struggle.  Many of these transgressions have been carry out by police covert units and their associates who carry out illegal activities    in secrecy.  These covert units were supposed to have been set up to combat dangerous criminals and suspected terrorists who pose a threat to the community.  I was placed on this list as the result of a vendetta for filing a law suit against an employer.  I have always been a law abiding citizen.  This operation is like stop & frisk.  The police philosophy is: if some innocent people are caught up in it.  So be it.  Although my case relates to the New York City police department, it has been reported that this situation exist in most localities.

These corrupt units often need the help of civilians to operate.  This is why it is so important that the public be informed.  Call your newspapers, televisions, and radio stations.  Tell them that you want to hear the Ed Waters story.  Contact your neighbors, friends, and relatives and have them call talk shows and mention that you want to hear the Ed Waters story.  I have some very detail information about this group that is associated with the police that spread out across the city everyday and carry out illegal activities that the public need to know about.

My attestation about the New York City police department and associates is not a myth.  It is real.  This information is the result of a thorough investigation in which data that spanded over 30 years was analyzed, and scrutinized.  Much of their wrath was experienced first hand.

The police associates are very dangerous.  The associates help the police keep targets under surveillance and feed information to the police.  Also, they carry out many  illegal activities, and the police cover for them.  Many of the leaders of these police  affiliates are former police officers who were removed from the police force.

The reason the public is not aware of this scandal is that the police and media control this type of information.  Many people are skeptical about law authorities and the main media.  Although they are doubtful, people trust the media and law authorities.  For instance, take two people discussing a scandal and one person says, I heard that he stole more than $8,000.  The other person ask, where did you hear that?  The reply is what most people say.  I heard it on the news, or the police said so.  Most people do not have the  time nor the means to go out and investigate various events.  So for most the part, they rely on the media and law authorities.  The result is grave consequences because the public doesn’t have a honest partner in law enforcement and the media.

The New York City police department has been carrying out numerous of illegal activities for years.  Many of these devious acts are done right before the public’s eye, and many times, the public help in carrying them out because they are not aware of the corruption.  We have often heard Bloomberg and Raymond Kelly talk about people that they deem to be of a suspicious nature, and they have to stop them.  This means that as of now, these persons haven’t broken any laws.  If they have, arrest them, but they haven’t broken any laws.

At this point, the New York City police covert units are brought in along with their associates.  Their associates are not police officers.  We know that they exist because Raymond Kelly said so.  In a plea to Rep. Benny Thompson who was chair of House Homeland Security at the time, Kelly mentioned that the police have associates.  In making his case to have a NYCPD officer on the House Homeland Security Committee, he said no one had the capability that they have.  Kelly named the number of police uniform officers, undercovers, and auxiliary police.  Then, he said we have over a thousand others.  This over a thousand others are the people that I refer to as police associates.

The New York City police have thousands and thousands of people, mostly blacks and other minorities under surveillance.  It is impossible to have the police watch them all.  So, their associates keep many of them under surveillance and carry out activities to try to contain them.  Many of these activities are illegal, and just like Stop & Frisk, they  often target innocent citizens.  The New York City police are using practices that are designed to control people.

The associates spread out all over the city everyday spreading lies, using eavesdropping devices , staging fake events, and keeping people under surveillance.  The associates also delay trains in order to get their people in place.  They delay trains by holding doors at each stop or jamming the doors.  Sometimes a passenger will lie down on the floor and fake a medical emergency.

Here is a scenario of how an innocent person can find himself being a target of the  police and their associates.  A person files a grievance against an employer. The employer goes to a group who I refer to as the Camarilla Network which should not be confused with the Camarilla Club by White Wolf.  The Camarilla Network carry out vendettas for rich and powerful people.  Anthony Pellicano ran a similar operation against Chris Rock, Sylvester Stallone, and other celebrities.  The network also help the affluent escape justice.  Remember Domonique Strauss Khan?

The network goes to a group that is associated with the New York City police.  These associates help the police keep surveillance on certain targets and feed information to the NYCPD.  The purpose of going to the associates is to have the person placed under surveillance.  The associates have the person placed under surveillance by the police by lying to authorities.  They report that they have witnessed or suspect this person engaging in some kind of criminal activity.  Personally, I’ve been approached numerous times by the police wherein I’ve been accused of everything from robbery, firing a gun at someone, grand larceny, illegal drugs to being a terrorist organizer.  Once the person is placed under surveillance, the network along with the police and their associates carry out group mobbing.

Group mobbing is a criminal activity inflicted by a network which I refer to as the Camarilla Network.  The network carries out vendettas for rich and powerful people.  Law authorities and the media have been concealing these crimes for years.  It is a crime wherein people are enticed by a group leader into helping him carry out criminal activity. The leader uses two kinds of participants: the organized one and the convenient one.  The organized participant becomes a part of the team and is used regularly.  On the other hand, the convenient participant just happens to be in the area wherein the leader seeks help from others in helping him carry out a crime.

There are two levels of organized and convenient participants: they are low level participants and the expert participants.  Low level participants engage mostly in overt acts that can be considered pranks.  Also, they take part in stalking the target.  The experts are the police, telephone workers, postal personnel, politicians, and other professional endeavors.  The experts carry out covert activities such as tapping your phone line, surveillance, monitoring your mail, planting eavesdropping equipment, and other activities.  The overt acts by low level operatives are nonstop 24/7 harassment.

This is a campaign to make people aware of all forms of group mobbing including group mobbing attacks that are done in secrecy.  There are four forms of group mobbing: (1) mobbing that occurs over the Internet,(2) mobbing of people because of their religion, race, life style, or other reasons, (3) mobbing that occurs in an inner circle, mostly on school campuses and the workplace, and (4) lastly, group mobbing that is done in secrecy which often involves police officers.  Mobbing in secrecy is done by people with money.  No everyday people can do this.  There is some action being taken in trying to deal with the problem of the first three kinds of mobbings.  However, Crimes of the fourth kind have been kept a guarded secret, and the culprits are law authorities and the media.  Group mobbing that is done in secrecy is done with the help of police officers.

About 10-15 years ago, victims were beginning to organize against them on the Internet.  Unfortunately, the network infiltrated the movement by saturating the Internet with people who have mental issues in order to discredit real victims.  These individuals are suffering from paranoia, and they believe that everyone is out to harm them.  So, when they read a blog about gang stalking, they take ownership, and they converse back and forth over the Internet.  It gives them consolation.  Real victims have been frightened into hiding because they became the target of increased  physical and mental attacks.

This information was taken from a case study that I conducted from 2003-2008.  I posed as a subway musician  in New York City to find out if there is a connection between law authorities and this cryptic group.  The subway experiment was to further corroborate information already collected.  One of the main goals of this criminal organization is to try to destroy the person’s employment and any other source of income they have. This makes the target too weak to fight back.  As a subway performer, there is no employer.  They had to deal directly with me.  Many NYC transit riders are familiar with me because I was the only performer that was singing  a cappella as a soloist on the platform.  Lately, I occasionally perform and use the tips to help me spread the message about this kind of group mobbing.

Once the target is under surveillance by the police department, the network can get constant updates on the subject’s whereabouts and activities, and they can get help from the police in attacking their victim.  This is just one of the means the network uses to attack the target.  They use neighbors, firefighters, lawyers, religious groups, and anyone else needed.  Many of these people are regarded as respectable citizens in the community.  Much of this cooperation from others is gained through perjury, corruption, and deception.  The barracudas have the victims phone line tapped, open their mail, plant eavesdropping devices in their residence, block e-mail, spread lies about the target throughout the community, and on their job.  On some targets, the network attacks the victim with a bombardment of nonstop harassment 24/7.  Many people are victims but don’t realize it because it is all done in secrecy.  This information has been hidden from the public because we don’t have  honest partners in the media or law enforcement. Contact: Ed Waters, PO Box 521031, Flushing, NY 11352-1031 Phone: (212) 561-1706

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