Hello world!


4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:
  2. wecpro Says:

    The mystification of psychological warfare, gang stalkers, cause stalkers, community mobbing, or whatever you would like to call it has been broken. The culprits are part of a group I refer to as the Carmarilla Network. A camarilla is a group of people because of their money and power can use the tools of the government to carry out their crimes. The Camarilla Network is a secretive national criminal network of powerful people who along with several high power lawyers, psychiatrists, and some law enforcement agents concocted this scheme. Most victims make reference to overt stalkers and their devious activities. Overt stalkers role in the organization is very minute. There are various kinds of overt and covert stalkers. The covert stalkers are the experts. They commit the most serious crimes. This information was uncovered in a scientific case study that found out (1) how they operate, (2) why there are no prosecution, and (3) how to bring the network down. I refer to the network as a national group because the study was done in the states, but there are reports that this cabal strives in democracies all over the world.

  3. Nancy Says:

    So how do we collectively stop them and expose the horrors they have inflicted on numerous innocent people? If they have the lawyers and law enforcement on their side, they have the judges as well.

    • wecpro Says:

      The single most important thing that you can do right now is to get everyone to urge congress to pass stalking legislation #5662. Presently, one of the main problems is the loopholes in our present federal laws. You need to get a copy of the “Camarillas Net” which will help you understand who the Camarillas are and how they operate. The Camarilla Network should not be confused with the Camarilla Club. Go to: http://www.wecpro.biz and http://www.wecpro.wordpress.com.

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